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tv   ABC7 News on KOFY 7PM  KOFY  November 2, 2015 7:00pm-8:01pm PST

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>> the first storm of the season is hitting the bay area right now. where the thunderstorms are, and how long they'll stick around. >> rain here means snow in the sierra. we'll take a look at the snow in tahoe they are hoping will stick around this time. air bnb in the spotlight. the world is watching a critical vote tomorrow in san francisco. >> starting the youth movement. niner veteran on the move ahead of the nfl's trade deadline. drivers plowing through flooded streets in concord. that was a common sight today after the first big rain in
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months. >> there is still rain pulsing parts of the bay area. about an hour ago, you couldn't see through the east bay hills cam. >> from emeryville, you can see the texture of the clouds beyond the storm. >> many drivers are dealing with wet roads. you can see conditions on 580. let's head over to sandhya patel. sandhya? >> right now, you'll see most moisture is concentrated in the east bay and heading towards the tracy area, you'll notice the showers and thunderstorms headed towards the east bay, right now, thunderstorms are over the tracy area. so you're going to have to deal with wet roads. shower activity is starting to
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taper off a little bit just showing up south. hail reports have been numerous, pea-sized hail in the east bay. we have a flash flood watch for parts of the north bay until 8:00 p.m. tonight. showers are winding down that will likely get dropped. rainfall totals we have seen the highest totals in the south bay and east bay. almost an inch and a half in livermore. and about a half inch in san francisco, oakland, 46/100ths. 53/100ths in napa. i'll be back to let you know what is ahead for your morning commute and if there is more rain in the forecast. one area hit hard was contra costa county it even caused brief flooding. laura anthony joins us live with the latest.
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>> reporter: hi, ama. behind me, this was flooded with water. the storm cell moves out of the area almost as quickly as it came in. you can see there are cars moving through what looks like several inches of water and kind of one of the symptoms of the first storm of the season. storm drains probably not that clear. so backed up quickly, but as we're standing here now, looks pretty good. showing you what it looks like in pittsberg this is glenn canyon road. this is heavy rain and hail it was moving through pittsberg and an indication of how cold it was
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right now. it's cool and different than just a few days ago here when temperatures were in mid-80s so the cell moves through quickly and now we're seeing cold temperatures behind it. if i can make a suggestion we need to clean up the storm drains. thank you, laura. take a look. did you get hail today? >> today's rain has to run off somewhere and while there are no reports of mudslides or flooding we're glad to say, but runoff is changing local creeks and rivers. david louie is live along san jose's guadalupe river with the story there.
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david? >> reporter: it's a major channel the river is starting to look like. >> i've never seen this much water in the creek. >> does it give you hope? >> it does. my plants are happy. >> i woke up at 5:00 a.m. and my sneakers were drenched soy was bummed out about it. but we haven't had rain in a while. it's a good thing. >> reporter: there was a power outage in san jose. the rain water collections systems installed. >> the roof with one inch of
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rain will be 1200 gallons of water. >> reporter: brad daniel owns rain savers. >> most homeowners in the bay area don't have the space to do large systems but these tanks from 200 to a thousand gallons fit and they're not complex. they're simple. >> we're talking about under a thousand dollars? >> for average systems, yes. >> reporter: homeowners are skeptical at first. >> they look at us funny but i know them. when you knock on them, you can hear the hollowness and you can hear there is something in it, in the bottom. >> reporter: in saratoga, abc7 news. and this is what it looked like this afternoon while crossing over the bridge heading into vallejo. you can see rain coming down hard right now. >> from sunny to stormy, we want
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to see weather where you live. like mike nico took video. you can share photos and videos using #abc7 now. now, breaking news in the east bay. officers shut down two lanes of 80. this is a live look from sky 7 now. officers have surrounded the vehicle you can see it there. 2 left lanes are closed and investigators have not said if the person was shot while driving or what condition he or she is in. they believe someone opened fire and sped off. stay with us for breaking updates and follow us on twitter on abc7 news bay area. >> voters are deciding a number of propositions dealing with the city's housing shortage.
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supporters say short term rental platforms are part of the problem. opponents raised millions to defeat this issue. >> reporter: those millions made this one of the most expensive issues on the ballot. the way voters decide is going to be watched by people around the world. millions of dollars have been spent and most of the money has come from air bnb. san francisco homeowners say they have to register with the city under an ordinance. >> we're a hosted situation where we rent out the spare bedroom in our house and have been doing that since february, 2014. we have had 0 complaints from neighbors. >> he and other opponents say it goes too far. a massive bill board plays up a story line in their campaign
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claims prop f will pit neighbor against neighbor and prompt residents to spy on one another. >> air bnb doesn't allow neighbors suing neighbors. it allows neighbors to sue air bnb. >> reporter: he says a recently passed ordinance isn't helping. only a few hundred hosts have legally registered but there are thousands of daily rentals available. the campaign only raised about $300,000. win or lose, they plan to take it beyond san francisco. >> we have had conversations with people in los angeles, santa monica, austin, chicago, washington, d.c. there is a lot of interest in this. it's causing many problems. >> if it passes it may not hit too hard because san francisco is just a fraction of what is listed around the world but
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could be a loss for a company that was born here. the 49ers shipped off a star player this afternoon, one day before the nfl trade deadline. they traded vernon davis today and niners got a seventh round pick from denver next season. vernon has been the heart and soul of the team and a leader in the locker room. he dealt with injuries and caused 13 touchdowns in 2013. the only tight end in nfl history to have multiple touchdown seasons. the signal and he is one of the
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good guys and we wish him well. we'll have more coming up in sports. >> last last week it's a bit of a beef in the hocker room. >> it's time to move on. that is the only chance they had to get for it. >> rain in the bay area a first snowfall of the year, next. >> i'm spencer christian and kitchen collective. and i'll show you what they're doing. and later it's filled with innovation but under 250 square feet. could you live there? we're going to take you inside what some
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♪ ♪ it took the rockettes years to master the kick line.
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but only a few moves to master paying bills on technology designed for you. so you can easily master the way you bank. a former school security officer was sentenced for attacking a student in a wheelchair. >> the former school security officer had been in jail more than a year for assaulting a disabled student from a different angle, you can see the student thrown out of his wheelchair. today, saying it was a life-learning lesson for him. >> what he learned is that he is accountable for his actions. >> according to the investigation, mitchell became angry after the student argued with him and spit on him.
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>> that is not acceptable. so at that time, things just clicked. >> students came to the defense of the security guard. officials maintain mitchell should have kept his cool. >> mitchell received a five-year probation sentence. deborah shepherd of the oakland community counselling service says saying this could have been prevented. they offer help for troubled studen students. >> mitchell was ordered to undergo anger management.
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>> and all lanes on i 580 were closed until 1:30 this afternoon. huge mess. a truck carrying 30,000 pounds of frozen chicken overturned and the driver of another vehicle had minor injuries. >> at it's peak, 7,000 customers were without power, 1 on 37th avenue took longer, that is where a transformer caught fire and burned a power pole. this rain in the bay area means snow in the sierra. the tahoe area saw a major dusting today. just take a look at the video. this is video from 360 camera in
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squaw valley. they sent us this video and chains are required and this is the few from the summit with a look at the snow there. >> several inches of snow, take a look at the amount of snow that accumulated. a good five inches of snow. >> at 6700 feet the town was covered with white dots the first snow storm brought a nice change for those who live in the high country.
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for mark lucas, from napa. >> this is our first winter up here, blue canyon gets a lot of snow. it will be interesting. >> mark's two dogs may be adjusting to weather, one of them didn't seem to mind playing in the snow. >> you get out and it's just calming. you know? the dogs were looking out of the window in the car. >> reporter: in past years it hasn't been fun and games and the drought is to blame. >> this is a good sign so it's going to keep going. >> this storm could be an early indication of what is still to come. and some people may need more than just hot chocolate to keep warm. >> that we sold a lot of liquor
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and hot lunch today because of the cold weather. >> conditions are very slick and very wet. be advised to use taugs. >> getting snow. >> yes. really. so a lot of rain in the bay area today. >> yes. >> we have over an inch of rain in areas so it's a good soaking. the storm is winding down. we have source showers remaining here. some moderate rain south of tracy heading towards highway 5 in the sierra nevada we do have chain controls now and state route 4. tlooblging there is snowfall now
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and starting to taper, 1 to 3 inches not out of the question. we do have a winter weather advisory. i want to show you this picture set by alpine, eight inches of snow and counting. and visibility is good. temperatures upper 50s from san francisco to oakland and mountain view and a live look from our bridge camera. you'll see cooler spots now in low 50s. santa rosa, napa, 54 in livermore. we're headed towards a cool, chilly morning. you can see clearly across the bay area. our forecast cool and chilly and sunny skies the next several days. this storm came out of the gulf
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of alaska and unsfabl air mass behind it. the cold air filtered in. the heating from the sun with the right trigger to fire off storms this afternoon and evening. we're going to see clearing chilly night ahead. how chilly? taking a look at the temperature trends dropping to low 40s by friday morning down to 39 degrees so it's going to get colder. down to 47 in livermore, 48 san jose and fremont. 47 degrees in half moon bay and clear skies. afternoon, 68 in livermore, oakland. 70 degrees in santa rosa. sunshine in san francisco. 64 degrees.
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and accu-weather forecast, low 60s to low 70s, temperatures going up a little, friday, saturday, bumping up to 70s, low to mid-70s and not much change at the coast. sunday, watching for increasing cloud cover in slight possibility of showers. there is a possibility that that could change so stay tuned. >> thank you. >> thank you. >> well, the
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with a 100% electric nissan what will you do? how far will you go? how much will you see?
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electrify the world. now with a class-leading 107 miles on a charge, the nissan leaf is the best selling electric car in america.
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every dollar counts if you're one of every six people in the bay area, one in six don't know where they're going to get their next meal. >> abc7's thanksgiving food drive hopes to help food banks and how redwood empire food bank turns their donations into meals. >> i'm here with the development officer and we're in the kitchen collective. what is going on here? >> well, tonight we're making a cheddar frittata with butter nut
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squash and stuffed peppers. >> he was telling me produce is donated from local farms? >> yes. most all of it comes from local farms here in sonoma county or california and some of the ingredients are sourced elsewhere. these meals are distributed through main distribution programs making it to seniors and working families in the community. >> and about 2,000 families will benefit? >> yes. 2,000 meals are created by a team of dedicated volunteers. i can tell you, you can help by texting the word "feed" for a donation. this is what it looked like when it leaves here. >> thank you. >> great work, spencer, thank
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you very much. steph murray has been named nba conference player of the year. curry finished with 118 points, joining wilt chamberlain and michael jordan as the only player to score that many points first three games. we'll have more on the warriors coming up in sports. way to go, steph. >> definitely. >> campaigning until the last minute. why this sheriff collection could be the last one for ross mirkarimi. >> and a special milestone astronauts are marking this afternoon. would you live here? the house of tomorrow is under 250 square feet. why techch
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many say ross mirkarimi is
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fighting an uphill battle. >> the tenure has been marked by controversy. vic lee caught up with the sheriff and challenger today. >> they campaigned on clement street and many say the low key sheriff's chief deputy is the front runner against ross mirkarimi. >> i just want to bring leadership back, communication back. and make sure we have a efficient sheriff's department. >> we now have one of the most under crowded jail populations in the country. the fastest drop in repeat offender rates. >> but pundits say he's fighting for his political life because of embarrassing incidents, beginning when he bruised his
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wife's arm on new year's eve, 2011. he was charged with domestic violence, but pleaded guilty to a hesser count of false imprisonment. there was an escape of a drug gang lord from his jail in accusations by a prisoner that guards were staging fights among inmates. last year, another embarrassment when deputies failed to find a patient whose body was discovered in a stairwell at san francisco general hospital weeks after disappearing from her room. then, this summer an undocumented mexican national accused of fatally shooting kate steinle on pier 14 after he had been released from mirkarimi's jail, though federal immigration officials asked his office detain him, recently, mirkarimi had his driver's license suspended for failure to report an accident and flunked his test at the shooting range meaning he
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can't carry a service gun. mayor ed lee made his position clear in this race. >> i do think a more professional approach to leading that office is needed. >> in this race, one thing is sure, voters have a real choice. vic lee, abc7 news. >> we'll have you covered all day tomorrow on election day and will have results on air and on our website. follow us as well on twitter on abc7 news bay area for latest information all day long on election day. >> time now for business watch. hewlett-packard completed it's split today. the two separate corporations began trading on wall street. ph enterprise will be responsible for computer systems and software. yernt prize's first day on the market was so so. the dow had a solid day. >> volkswagon being accused of cheating again, the epa claims
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the german auto maker installed illegal software devices in 10,000 new vehicles and admitted to cheating on emissions testing around the world but denies the new accusations and says it will cooperate with the epa to clarify the matter. >> could you live in a home only 210 square feet? jonathan bloom stepped inside of a tiny house today built by a big tech company with a vision. tucked away in a parking lot, a realtor may describe this house as cozy. 210 kwar sfeet is just smaller than san francisco's life life micro apartments. >> this is how we're starting to live. cities are getting more populated so people are choosing tiny over big. >> kyle shipman designed the house. >> we have an office, a bedroom,
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a living room and a kitchen in this tiny space. >> but there is one thing it doesn't have, a doorbell. with facial and voice recognition. >> we can say light screen. >> everything is auto mated. >> turn off. >> through a tiny central computer. >> the heart and brains of the home. >> now, this is not to say that intel wants to get into home building business. quite the opposite. they want to simplify the process of making a home smart so home builders can focus on building homes. >> let us do the unsexy work of the pluming that goes along with that. >> the director showed us how household headaches. >> the tablet recognizes the leak. >> cured with a click. >> we select a plumber, book a date. >> no need for a particular alarm. the computer knows the sound of breaking glass and ordinary smoke detector.
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because if city dwellers are doing more with less, shouldn't technology do the same? in san francisco, jonathan bloom, abc7 news. nasa is commemorating the 15th anniversary of the international space station with a country music video. >> on this day in 2000, the two americans and a russian stepped into the space station to live and work has been inhabited ever since. scott kelly tweeted this photo saying no better place to celebrate on station, thanks for
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the hospitality. >> tonight we're taking a look at the unknown whale species spotted off the coast of madagascar. researchers say they're relatively small, with a length of 38 feet. researchers believe there may be 25 of them living near madagascar. tonight, remaining "dancing with the stars" competitors will show what they've got and there is a behind the scenes look. >> national hero alex and lindsay are taking a look at the rehearsals. you're going to see what goes on for competing for the trophy tonight at 11:00. holiday season is around the corner and never too early to start thinking about gifts. michael finney looks at new electronics you're going to want
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experts we talked with inside and outside retail world tell us there hasn't been this much buzz over a television in 15 years. >> yes. michael finney tells us what is hot in home electronics. >> televisions are getting bigger, brighter and sharper and there is no better than 4 k televisions now available from most of the major manufacturers. they give you four times the resolution as ten adp hdtvs. alex roth with the gaming and entertaining site. >> the picture looks sharper and life like. >> best buy people at least ask about the tell veryings. the retailer hasn't seen this much excitement since hdtv was
7:42 pm
first inintroduced. the biggest seller is lg 0 led. the top of the line 65 inch will run about $5,000. you can get smaller models for about $1,000. >> they're getting big discounts despite being new. >> they dropped about a thousand dollars since first being introduced 18 months ago. content is limited but there are free packaged content. you can screen from netflix and amazon. anthony says some create their own content with the go pro 4. >> the advantage is that there are 4 k-tvs. >> the go pro 4 retails for $400. sling box remains a popular way
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to record tv you don't have time to watch live. those that stream tv might enjoy something called playoff. jim holland says it allows you to record and play it on your devices. >> we'll have a look at more hot gift ideas in the weeks ahead. robin williams widow is breaking her silence, talking about her husband's suicide and how she is healing. >> do you have regrets? >> not for a second. i know we did everything we could. >> you can watch the interview on good morning america tomorrow
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from 7:00 to 9:00 a.m. after abc7 morning news. >> you're looking live now at a north bay food bank. volunteers are helping provide meals to the hungry. >> we're going to take you there live, next, with more on what live, next, with more on what you c
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with a 100% electric nissan what will you do? how far will you go? how much will you see? electrify the world. now with a class-leading 107 miles on a charge, the nissan leaf is the best selling electric car in america.
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abc7 is proud of our relationship with bay area food banks. >> highlighting efforts of each food bank, each doing fabulous work. spencer christian is live from santa rosa at the redwood empire food bank. volunteers are donating thousands of hours to help feed the people of sonoma county. >> that is right. they do serve 82,000 people through help of # 400 volunteers. some are very busy here, they're from empire redwood. tell me about what they're doing. >> we have almost 20 volunteers here. it's something we do often.
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you have a tremendous partnership with the food bank from sponsorship to helping to collect food from san francisco throughout the north bay, then, volunteer events like tonight. >> why it is important to you? >> there is a great need in our community. we're helping people succeed. it becomes difficult for people to focus on their own success when they don't have basic needs met. so we're just honored to help people in need in our communities and it's fun for staff to know they're doing good and best team building out there. >> they're having fun, doing something that is important. and let me tell you how you can help us. text the word feed for a $ten
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donation. >> great work and we're helping homeless people in need this holiday season. >> we're thankful for the rain we're getting today. >> we have a lot of rain in the bay area. >> nice to see, and i want to show you stormy skies, watch clouds come in. it will be a dark, then, starts to rain. just a dramatic time lapse this afternoon and evening and you'll notice rain drops coming in. we did get quite a bit of rain with thunderstorms and saw hail as well. most of the region has quieted down. just around the tracy area and points south that will be out of here soon. it is clear in san francisco. this is the most rain we have
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seen this rain. you can see many areas of rain shifting into southern california. upper 60s tomorrow, 50 in yosemite and here in the bay area, we're going to go with sunshine and 60s and 70s for tuesday. accu-weather forecast keeps the streak going. we may track changes towards sunday. >> some big changes in 49ers locker room. >> mike shumann is here with more. >> speaking of changes. >> it's starting to look towards next year. two late round draft choices we'll take a look at what this
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♪ ♪ it took the rockettes years to master the kick line.
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but only a few moves to master paying bills on technology designed for you. so you can easily master the way you bank. niners decided to move forward and today trading vernon davis to the broncos. the 31-year-old struggled with
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injuries. he has multiple 13 touchdown seasons but hasn't caught one since last year in game one. niners getting a six-round pick and seventh round for next year. vernon spent his career with 423 and receiving guards for tight ends coming into the season. he's deal is up and will be missed with john elway loved what he's getting. >> burt has been a guy that 2 or 3 years ago can stretch the field with tremendous field. it catches your eye all the time. >> the next question for niners should they pick collin
7:55 pm
kaepernick? caep doesn't see smith. this is the 96 yard touchdown. top of the screen was listed so both were left uncovered. injured with rookie on general manager. and he was asked if kaep would still be his partner. >> i'm just telling you we're evaluating everyone. >> i don't think he has power to click kaepernick.
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if the front office decided he's not their future, they want him to continue to struggle to rationalize cut orring trading him. there is a by week after, knocking off the jets with derek car just throwing for 333 yards. and this team is currently 5th in the sixth available playoff spot. >> we've battled each and every week. we're going to continue to battle every week. there are talented people playing and coaching. we've got plenty to worry about in terms of improving ourselves,
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being a better football team going forward and so much work to be done. >> steph curry averaged 39.3 points in three games. threw down 53 saturday, a career high 38 in the third quarter. warri warriors host grizzlies tonight at 7:30. now, there is a lot of up heaval in the roster changes. >> thank you. >> coming up tonight on abc7 news 9:00 and 11:00, coverage of the wet weather soaking the bay
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area. >> also, a report on apple's campus. a massive construction project next to a busy bart station sparking a fight on the peninsula. >> that is it for this edition of abc7 news. look for breaking news on twitter on abc7 news bay area. >> from all of us, we appreciate your time and we'll see you at 9:00 and 11:00.
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